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Z GRILLS Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, 8 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control ZPG-700E

Z GRILLS Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, 8 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control ZPG-700E

8-in-1Pellet Smoker(2021 New Model)----Grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue and char-grill. Just set it and let it work: No more babysitting. Enjoy the cooking!Cover and Oil collector included.

Huge Grilling Area----504 Square inches main grilling area and 193 square inch Smoking/Warming Rack; Foldable working shelf; You can cook for about 20 hours per 20 lbs. of pellets. When you do the math, you will find that pellet cooking typically costs less than a comparably sized GAS or CARBON grill.

Great Smoker Favor ---Fueled by premium 100% hardwood pellets to generate heat and smoke, infusing your food with a savory wood-fire taste that’ll make your taste buds sing.

Accuracy(PID Controller )--Most stay within 10 degrees of the set temperature, no matter if its 10 degrees or 110 degrees outside; Temperature and Auto Pellet Feed Control System with PID CONTROLLER. The new upgrade digital control board auto ignites the grill and allows you to set the cooking temperature from 180°F to 450°F.

US-Based Brand and Customer Service--We’re a U. S-based Brand that has been making high-quality grills and smokers for more than 30 years. With warehouses in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve exported top-of-the-line products to Europe and all around the United States. We’re proud of what we do and stand behind everything that we build.

Lower Rack Area: 504 sq. in.
Upper Rack Area: 193 sq. in.
Total Rack Surface Area: 697 sq. in.
Hopper Capacity: 20 lbs. of pellets
Height of Cooking Surface to Lid: 9 in.
Temperature Range: 180-450 °F
Grill Grate Material: Porcelain-coated steel
Dimensions (in.): 48 L × 22 W × 51 H
Weight: 144 lbs

Packaging Info
Packaging Size (in.)
(Shipped in two boxes)
33 L × 22 W × 25 H
29 L × 22 W × 8 H

Packaging Weight: 124 + 47 lbs
Warranty: 3 years

What’s Included
1 × 700E pellet grill
1 × Rain cover
1 × Pair of assembly gloves

700E Pellet Grill & Smoker ( Grill Cover Included)

Fueled by all-natural hardwood pellets, the 700E pellet grill infuses incredible wood-fired flavor into your food. The wide temperature range (180°F to 450°F) and dial-in digital control with LED readout makes it easy to adjust cooking from low and slow to fiery and fast. With heavy-duty construction, and a thickened stainless steel grill lid and hopper lid, this grilling machine is built to last.

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