Modern patio design ideas to create privacy & maximize space

Modern Patio Design Ideas To Create Privacy & Maximize Space

Modern Patio Design Ideas To Create Privacy & Maximize Space

Patio design ideas can instantly transform the look and feel of your garden or backyard. Whether you’ve got a large outdoor space or a small cozy corner, the right patio design can help to maximize your space and also create an intimate place where you can rest, relax or perhaps entertain family and friends.

In this article, we’re going to reveal some of the most popular patio design trends that will help give your garden a complete makeover this season. From investing in outdoor heating to keep you nice and warm as the sun sets, to outdoor accessories to add a personal touch to your patio area, there is so much you can now do outside, and even with limited space in the back. So, whether you’re a green-fingered gardener or simply excited to host a family BBQ this year, get ready to discover a whole new modern approach to patio design.

Create A Fire Pit Patio Experience

Modern patio design ideas to create privacy & maximize space

Even if you live in a warm climate, as it gets dark, temperatures can start to get a bit chilly, and this is enough to force everyone indoors. But, a new modern patio design trick is to position your patio furniture around a fire pit. Either sunken into the ground or raised to knee level for maximum warmth, a fire pit is a must-have garden accessory. Able to help you enjoy your outdoor space from early spring through to late autumn, it creates a focal point within your backyard and is best when positioned on a patio, to prevent damage to your grass.

Get ready to roast marshmallows, grill fish, or simply enjoy a bottle of wine together, around the dancing and crackling flames. It’s truly a great way to relieve stress and get back in touch with nature after a long day at work.  If you’ve not yet invested in a fire pit, what are you waiting for? Start by upgrading your outdoor seating area with our 7-piece wicker sofa set and glass coffee table, which gives enough space for a large group to sit back and relax and then check out our fire pit range online.

Or, if you’re planning on hosting many al fresco dining experiences this year, you’ll enjoy our gorgeous Madrid fire pit table. This beautiful design is not only convenient but also makes roasting food and sharing nibbles and wine with family and friends a more intimate affair.

Bali Inspired Patio Design

Modern patio design ideas to create privacy & maximize space

A Balinese aesthetic is another modern patio design trend that incorporates bamboo or rattan outdoor furniture with wooden screens and colorful outdoor accessories. Invest in a high-quality patio set and inject color with weather-resistant cushions, blankets and throws, and interesting outdoor accessories to draw attention to different parts of your garden. Take your Bali garden theme to the next level by delighting the senses and add a fire pit for warmth and that wonderful log-burning smell. Introduce a wind chime for a calming element and a water feature for that constant sound of water flowing. Now you have combined all four elements, fire, water, air, and earth, for a well-balanced patio design!

Replicate the laid-back vibe of Indonesia’s hottest destination by investing in bamboo or wooden screens for additional privacy and to section off areas of your garden. Finish with our double swing chair and our 10 feet patio umbrella in an earthy shade.

Modern Patio Designs For Small Spaces

Modern patio design ideas to create privacy & maximize space

Even if you don’t have much outdoor space to work with, there are many modern patio design concepts to help maximize small gardens and backyards. By investing in fold-away chairs and smaller outdoor tables such as our quick-folding and adjustable reclining chairs, you can make the most out of the outside space you do have.

Adding a parasol or patio shade helps to section off smaller spaces and create a stylish and private space outside. Patio umbrellas are ideal for shielding you from the sun, rain, and even the wind, as well as any nosey neighbors. Our 9ft patio umbrella in a rich rust-red will add a pop of color to your garden and will be a striking contrast to your plants, shrubs, and flowers.

While you might not have flower beds to nurture, as long as you have a fence or wall, you can maximize your limited space at home, by decorating your patio with hanging baskets, fairy lights, and unique outdoor accessories. When choosing accessories and plants, consider different textures, heights, and smells to create an experience for the eyes and nose. Living walls are becoming a huge trend for modern patio design ideas and are the perfect solution for a small outdoor space. Add herbs for a functional living wall and cook up a storm in the kitchen with homegrown herbs, spices, and even edible flowers.

Outdoor Living Room

Modern patio design ideas to create privacy & maximize space

Another massive patio design trend is to create an outdoor living room in your garden. Rather than buy cottage-core style benches, more people are jumping on the indoors/outdoors trend and using their outdoor space to create an additional living room. This can be achieved by investing in large outdoor tables, comfy patio furniture sets, and BBQs for summer dining. If this sounds like your idea of outdoor bliss, invest in a barbecue wood fire pellet grill, and a rattan sofa set with removable cushion covers.

To really get that living room aesthetic right, make sure to add an oversized outdoor rug over your patio floor, for added comfort while outside, and outdoor heating to keep everyone cozy while relaxing together in the garden. In the same way, you would style a room inside your home, don’t forget to accessorize your outdoor area, with bright and bold outdoor accessories, such as candle holders, garden ornaments, and soft furnishings that are weather-resistant.

Whether you love the idea of a tropical paradise just outside your back door, or you’d love to come home to a relaxing floral escape and get closer to nature, patio design can really transform your garden. From high-quality patio furniture sets for hosting garden parties and family BBQs, patio shades for privacy and protection, and fire pits for warmth, and plenty of delicious roasting opportunities! So, don’t wait until summer to maximize your outdoor space and get inspired by exploring our online collection now


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